Veneers In Jacksonville

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are very thin tooth-shaped “shells.” They’re typically made out of porcelain, and are designed to cover up the front surfaces of your teeth to treat cosmetic flaws like chipped teeth, stained teeth, misshapen teeth, gaps between teeth, and more.

By covering up the natural surface of your tooth, veneers can treat a lot of different aesthetic issues in a single treatment. They’re also very durable and long-lasting, and require minimal care and maintenance. Because of this, they’re one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments in Jacksonville. Contact JAX Dental Studio now to learn more and see if veneers are right for you.

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Why is preventive dental care important?

Preventive dentistry if your foundation for a healthy smile. With regular cleanings and exams, small dental issues can be caught before they turn into large and costly problems. Preventive dental care along with a diligent at-home brushing and flossing routine can help prevent dental issues all together. It’s these small investments in your oral hygiene that lead to a beautiful, healthy smile.

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Did you know…

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Veneers are completely stain-resistant. That’s because, unlike your natural enamel, the ceramic material used for veneers is non-porous and can’t be stained by food or beverages.

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What To Expect From The Veneers Placement Process

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To begin the process, you’ll need to come and see Dr. Poblenz to discuss your oral health and the issues you have with your smile. Veneers are not reversible, so it’s important to discuss all of your options and ensure they’re a good choice for your situation.

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Tooth preparation & veneer fitting

At your next appointment, Dr. Poblenz will clean your mouth and numb the veneer treatment area. Then, he will remove a thin layer of enamel from every tooth that’s getting a veneer. This is done to ensure the veneers don’t add bulk to your teeth and don’t change your bite. Next, he’ll take impressions of your teeth, which will be used to build your veneers.

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Temporaries & building your veneers

Dr. Poblenz will apply a set of temporary veneers to your teeth, then send you home. Your impressions will be sent to a dental lab where your porcelain veneers will be built. This may take 2-3 weeks.

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Final veneer placement

When your veneers are sent back to JAX Dental Studio, you’ll come back for a final appointment. Dr. Poblenz will remove your temporaries and check the fit of your veneers. If everything looks good, he will attach them to your teeth permanently, completing the procedure.

More About Veneers

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Are Veneers Right For Me?

Veneers are likely a good choice if you have a lot of cosmetic smile issues. But are they right for you? This depends on your oral health, your budget, your personal preferences, and a lot of other factors. The best way to find out is to contact JAX Dental Studio for an appointment with Dr. Poblenz.

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Caring For Veneers

For the most part, your veneers can be treated just like natural teeth. Continue to brush at least twice a day for two minutes and floss once per day. You also need to come back to JAX Dental Studio to see Dr. Poblenz every six months for a teeth cleaning and oral exam.

Beyond this, the most important thing to do is to avoid habits that could prematurely damage or dislodge your veneers. Don’t chew hard foods like almonds or popcorn kernels with your front teeth. Avoid using your teeth as “tools” to open packages or bags, and never chew non-food objects like fingernails, pens, or erasers.